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Museums and insect labs use their ant farms, because they're the best. 2) Credit - Bevin Rose O'Grady Atlantic Walrus from Nat Geo.You can learn a lot about ants from their site, even if you never buy an ant farm or even keep ants! Archosaurs is about dinosaurs, crocodiles, birds, and all their diapsid relatives, both living and extinct. Venture into the world of the walrus, with two intrepid divers and cameramen.The Ark In Space serves as a compendium of these species in all their glory, drawing on the finest Creative Commons photographs available on the internet. Stone carving of a bull aurochs from Grotta del Romito, southern Italy. Big as an American bison, aurochs had distinctive curved horns. Yes, we know this carving isn't quite correct, BUT it conveys the POWER of this beast. Australian Animals Nice, easy to use site with lots of photos, and descriptions of how the animals interact with humans. Australian Fauna This really is a good site for research, as it has a lot of information.So, enjoy your time on this website and revel in the beauty and diversity of our animal life. Easy to use, with animals listed in alphabetical order.With over 100,000 photos and videos, discover what these animals, plants and fungi look like, what makes them special and why we should protect them." Fun stuff for kids! Bears have at one time or another lived in the wild on all continents but Australia...Below are the eight living species of bears, six of which are listed as either endangered or vulnerable by the IUCN" (The Red List people).(They also include The Owl Pages in the bibliography!) A traffic camera in Montreal captured this image.

The frame on the left side of the page (pull it down to see it all) has links to pages on bird adaptations, anatomy and physiology, and bird behavior. Some have gone extinct since the 1800s - like the Passenger Pigeon shown below: Some other extinct native birds include the Carolina parakeet (below), the Labrador duck, great auk, Eskimo curlew, and pinnated grouse.Ants Canada Arguably the best non-academic ant site in the world. Head over to The Shark Trust’s website ( for a guide to the different types of egg cases you can find on the Eastern Shore of MD &VA. Be sure to get a picture, so they can confirm your report and add your report to their records!They are the most experienced ant keepers around and make the most sophisticated high tech ant farms ever made. (Text: Mark Bochner) (Photo: Shark Trust) 1) Look up the 4 fish named above and check them out!The other is an ambush predator: slow, patient, with one of the strongest bites on Earth. Animals from all over the world are indexed geographically by continents, by order, and by habitats and ecosystems. This site is at a junior high/grade 7 and up level. Arthropod Story "This interactive investigation delves into the amazing world of the arthropods..." Simple language and lots of pictures. Assateague Island National Seashore "Did you know that by just finding a mermaid's purse on the beach you can contribute to science?Scroll over to the right on their menu bar and there's a whole big section on plants, including a list of all the species at the zoo! Animal Fact Guide is a site for Kindergarten through middle school. Citizen science has always been an important part of collecting environmental data, and when it comes to sharks, skates, and rays, scientists at The Shark Trust are asking for your help!

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