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Ed Davey, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, may wish to see all our remaining coal-fired power stations shut down in favour of thousands more wind farms.

Yet the cost of producing electricity from coal is only a sixth of what we pay for intermittent power from his offshore wind farms – more than two-thirds of it in subsidies.

Since this means that Redbridge cannot now sell her house to pay for her care, it leaves the council in rather a hole – and taxpayers must foot the bill.

This sorry mess it has brought entirely on itself, by allowing its social workers to intervene so officiously in this admirable old lady’s life.

She ruled that Miss G must have no contact with C, and that she must again be looked after by carers sent by the council.

But she also ruled that, although Miss G’s savings had now all gone to pay the costs of the case, she must still be allowed to remain in her own home.

His care and treatment could not have been equalled.

A year ago, Miss G was living quietly in her £350,000 house in east London, with £60,000 life savings in the bank, being capably looked after by “C”, a woman from the same West Indian island.

Miss G had invited C and her husband “F” to live with her, because she was so unhappy at the “care” she had been given, at her own expense, by staff sent into her home by the local council, Redbridge.

Yet even now Ed Miliband and the Labour Party are still whinging on about how they want to stop the NHS calling on the private sector to help out.

When a member of our village cricket team “died” on the pitch a year or two back, saved only by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, we were amazed to see three ambulances and a paramedic team arrive on the ground within 15 minutes of the emergency call.

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She also had “a particularly strong wish to remain in her own home” and not to be “placed in a care home”.

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