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You can change your password using any full-featured messaging client, such as Adium, Gajim, Pidgin, or Psi. In Pidgin, go to "Accounts", select your account, and choose "Change Password..." In Psi, go to "Account Setup", choose your account, click "Modify", type a new password, and click "Change..." We actually don't delete accounts, but we will disable accounts upon request.

In Adium, log in, go to the File menu, scroll down to "Disconnect" and you will see a list of actions you can perform. If you want us to disable your account, please send an email message to Peter Saint-Andre with a subject of "Disable Account", and provide the same information that you would provide for a Lost Password request (see above).

If you are trying to use a client based on Adobe's Flash technology with Jabber.org, you probably noticed that we redirect "jabber.org" to " which breaks the Flash security model (it expects to find the file on port 80 of jabber.org, not

We're sorry about this, but it is intentional because for security purposes we do not want to run a full HTTP service on the same machine that runs our XMPP service.

Your Jabber ID or "JID" identifies you on the Jabber network.

We do not capture your email address during account registration, so if you ever forget your password we will need to know your email address!After that, you can chat with friends on other XMPP-based services, join chatrooms, and so on.If you haven't forgotten your password, it might be that the service is temporarily offline. If you have lost your password for the messaging service, please send an email message to Peter Saint-Andre with a subject of "Lost Password", and provide the following information: For encrypted communications, follow the instructions here. In Gajim, go to "Accounts" (through "Edit" menu), choose your account, expand "Administration operations" on "Account" tab, click "Change Password", type a new password twice, and click "OK".The administrators take your privacy and security very seriously — please read the Service Policy for full details about our security measures.If you have any questions about security, please ask in the [email protected] (see below).

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