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Even worse, this motherfucker has the audacity to feel a way about someone getting over him. I know some would like him to be more socially conscious in his work, but I’m not sure he’s capable of that—and if he isn’t, I’d rather he make silent donations to those who are.

What kind of middle school man-child tripping-over-his-hormones shit is he on? What I do want from Drake, though, is for him to the sexism in his music.

Maybe then he’d escape the pattern of pushing “those girls” away, who move on to become much happier women.We’ve in the past seen rapper-Mase become a pastor and then attempting to cunningly roll back into the world of Hip Hop—with Mase is Back.So let’s hope Marques Houston is indeed genuine and not just finding comfort somewhere else now that his musical career seems to be over.But who knew the man was such a pro at engagement announcements?The "You're My Star" singer recently took to Instagram to share three — yes, three!

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