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It basically says that Donald Trump got elected by running an overtly racist campaign, one that appealed to the basest elements of our society, now summed up as the alt-right.These are the people who voted for him, and these are the people who stand by him today.ADULT CONTENT WARNING This website and the following pages contains links to sexually explicit material and is for adult viewing only. elles sont expertes en sex par téléphone rus portale sexdating. Lying about your likes, interests, goals, and passions might seem like a nice way to ‘bait’ someone, but no one likes being tricked.It is better to have no marriage at all than a shell of a relationship built on a sand bar of lies.

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This must be recognized and repudiated before our nation is torn apart.

Certainly, we are feeling the effects of eight years of identity politics under the Obama administration, during which time racial strife greatly increased in our land.

Liberal campuses are doing their part as well, declaring war on whiteness itself.

What is the essence of the media's false narrative?

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