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(Also fitting this profile: the equally lame “Shut Up and Dance,” and third-season highlight “San Junipero.”) A woman flees unknown attackers, recorded via smartphone by everyone in her immediate vicinity.

There may be some larger point about voyeurism or exploitation or how annoyingly fast phone batteries drain, but it’s lost beneath a simplistic twist that pulls a switcheroo and fails to do much else. ” is almost always a feeble turn, and if Brooker pulling that move once was bad enough … He then goes back for seconds in this spiritual sequel.

If an episode insists on being dumb, the least it could do is be entertaining. Turning attention to the ravages of wartime and the way troops are brainwashed to kill, Brooker stumbles on his landing in an uncharacteristically weak third act.

A soldier starts to wrestle with new feelings and a peculiar sickness after gunning down three of the feral mutant abominations that stalk a futuristic society.

But while they cycle through a series of partners — some not so bad, some comically mismatched — they realize all they’ve ever wanted was one another, if only the algorithm would pair them up again.

A dud of a late twist undoes a lot of this tender love story, but Brooker gets the laughs he’s going for, and lands a couple solid blows against the scourge of app-based courtship.

Andy Warhol famously prophesied that in the future, we will all be world famous for 15 minutes.

Situated on a shaky foundation — how could anyone in their right mind not see this idea’s potential for disaster?

— and indelicately directed by Jodie Foster, this episode muddles its own commentary on the hazards of overzealous parenting and the emotional malformation resulting from it.

There’s some decent character work in the middle between Kenny and a fellow hostage he meets while carrying out his captors’ instructions, but the rest is sheer unpleasantness in want of a greater statement.

Dating is awful enough as is, so maybe you can’t blame swinging Frank (Joe Cole) and Amy (Georgina Campbell) for signing up to The System, a service that automates everything from dinner to going home together to the duration of a relationship.

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Each one involves the vicarious sharing of experience or sensation: A doctor taps into his patients’ pain before he starts using them for twisted pleasure; a man agrees to share his mind with his vegetative wife’s consciousness, who turns out to be one annoying mental roomie; and one unusual exhibit invites visitors to electrocute the hologram of a black man for sick kicks.

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