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They were some of the first to buy VCR’s, keeping the technology viable long enough for it to become mainstream.

Patchen Barss is a journalist and author who has written about science, technology and culture for almost 20 years.

Subscribers paid 0 million in subscription fees, installed nearly 5 million new phone lines, and generated more than 0 million for phone companies.

It is shocking how much money people spent on new and improved technology so as to access sexual content. Subtitles and closed captioning for the hearing impaired: I kid you not.

This same software that now makes it more efficient and profitable for mainstream companies to caption and subtitle their products. Microfiche: The system libraries still use to archive periodicals can be traced to “Stanhope microphotography” from the late 1800’s.

For decades, this specialized medium was used primarily to hide saucy pictures in watch fobs and penknives.

They blazed the trail later followed by (1995), You Tube (2005), Hulu (2008) and many others.

Without streaming pornography, today’s webcasts – from presidential addresses to viral kitten videos – would still be the stuff of science fiction. Webcams: Long before they became boardroom staples, webcams and video chat were primarily used for live sex shows.

“In 1995, I could find webcam communities with people who took their clothes off if I did,” one early adopter told me. Yet, demand for sexual content drove the market for improved routers, switches, relays and other fundamental Internet infrastructure.

When the Internet opened up global markets, producers discovered two things: Pornography consumers were actually interested in dialogue, and they had greater-than-average interest in ensuring the captions didn’t block the visuals.

Always interested in the cheapest solution, porn companies invested in new software that automated caption placement for minimum invasiveness.

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