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You need to find out what the dress code is and stick to it, career coach Barbara Pachter tells Business Insider.Pachter, the author of "The Essentials of Business Etiquette," says you don't want people talking about what you wore the day or night after the party.However, a few drinks later, if someone suggests a third venue, don't go. By the time you make it to that third venue, the vibe has changed. The moment your colleagues see you in a compromising position, they will likely view you differently. You can also make a point of going up to the people who organized the party and thanking them for doing such a great job.

In general, Pachter says it's best to keep anything you write about the party positive, and to ask people if you plan to post photos of them on social media.

Furthermore, eating while you're mingling isn't the most comfortable in a professional setting.

"Eat a little before you go to a business social event," says Pachter.

"If you drink, you'll have something in your stomach, and if the food is delayed, you won't be hungry." To show that you're committed to the company, make sure you show up for at least 30 minutes.

Always assume company gatherings are "must attend" events Even if the party takes place at the office, Drew Magary at GQ advises you go home after work, then come back.

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