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As you can imagine, she’s been on a lot of dates, many of which she spills about in her new book “Popular.” Here, Urasek tells us how to get your profile more views and once the messages are rolling in, how to have a successful dating life without burning out.Urasek's tips on giving your profile a boost: Focus on the photos.“A lot of it is just about having a good variety of clear, current pictures that are a variety of shots of your face and also full-length shots,” she says, adding that she would lead with a stellar face photo. I said I liked down comforters and swimming in the ocean,” Urasek says.* Hold your head with your chin jutted out just a bit. This tends to go hand-in-hand with the self-shots because it's easier to pose when you can see your subject, which is you. Shirtless pictures, underwear/swimsuits, and very revealing clothing will set a person's perspective of you, and they will then mainly see you as that type of person. Lots of people dislike trying to summarize their complicated personality into a couple of paragraphs in a way they're comfortable with. This is supposed to be the hook to your profile and coming off as either of those will turn away tons of viewers. This question is not necessarily about Friday the day. " It just so happens that a majority of people work weekdays, and Friday night is the opener to the week's end. It also relieves some of that initial pressure of starting the conversation (first impressions and all that). More than you might naturally, but not so much that you’re noticeable straining. Get outside when possible during the golden hours of the day. Additionally, these pictures may deter other users looking for substance from messaging you because they see you as only looking for a shallow connection. The things you /like/ and the things you /do/ belong in other sections. ### [DON'T]( Cupid/comments/1bjqfg/dos_and_donts_lets_build_a_profile/c979jrm) 1. You probably don't want to be lumped in with lots of people. ### [DON'T]( Cupid/comments/1bjqfg/dos_and_donts_lets_build_a_profile/c979mlb) 1. Don't say "there's no typical Friday night." This might be true but you have to give your reader something concrete to relate with. ### [DON'T]( Cupid/comments/1bjqfg/dos_and_donts_lets_build_a_profile/c979myf) 1.

Whenever I’ve asked guys out they always say they love it because most girls won’t do it.”Here's how to avoid dating fatigue:1.* If you don’t already know your good side, take shots from several angles/positions. If you want one good picture you will probably have to take at least 50, especially if you aren’t used to taking pictures. ## What I'm doing with my life ### [DO]( Cupid/comments/1bjqfg/dos_and_donts_lets_build_a_profile/c979jw2) 1. There are things that everyone couldn't live without, but that speaks nothing about who you are as an individual. Do feel free to explain why some of these things made your list. We know you need food and air and potassium and family and friends. DO list things that interest you, like details about your hobbies, future goals (but be specific about those goals, Don't just say "my future goals") and plans for the immediate future if they are interesting and would provide a good talking point for somebody to message you. ### [DON'T]( Cupid/comments/1bjqfg/dos_and_donts_lets_build_a_profile/c979m24) 1. Don't say, "lol a lot of things, just ask me." ## On a typical Friday night, I am ### [DO]( Cupid/comments/1bjqfg/dos_and_donts_lets_build_a_profile/c979md2) 1. Leave a little hint of something you wouldn't mind seeing in a message. Don't put a laundry list of requirements you do or don't want in a date (The people you're trying to avoid will still message you; you might as well say "don't message me if you didn't read this"..the people you're trying to attract may be put off by what seems like a demanding person who has expectations and entitlement issues.) If you really have so many suitors that you must pre-exclude people, frame it positively and keep it general.Remember to stand or sit up straight and put your shoulders back. If you're looking for a more substantial connection than sex, then attract users non-sexually. A hairbrush is just a hairbrush until you explain that your hair is an untamed beast and only the brush can bring it down. ### [DON'T]( Cupid/comments/1bjqfg/dos_and_donts_lets_build_a_profile/c979lr4) 1. DO feel free to describe an ideal Friday night rather than a typical one. If you work Fridays or Saturdays, talk about another day or night off. "If you know any decent hiking trails in the area, preferably sans bears" can get those out. "If you've prestiged at least twice in the last Black Ops" alludes to that. Put one last joke in there to round out your profile. Whether it's a corny joke or a date idea, it allows the reader the opening he or she may have been looking for, and it gives the impression that you are a warm and welcoming individual. For some reason I see tons of guys put stuff like: "If you're interested in getting to know a cool, funny, good looking, intelligent guy." Prove to me that you're cool, funny, good looking and intelligent. Instead of saying "no short guys," or "only if you're above 6'11"," say "I love tall guys." However, avoid usage of this completely if you can.Opinions from fellow redditors will be included throughout this section.I will provide links to all opinions, but will highlight the most agreed upon tips for quick reference.

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