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I then implemented the instruments developed at IRCAM.

The platform chosen at the time was the Atari ST as this machine was just fast enough to be able to play stereo soundfiles running at a sample rate of 48,000 at that time the Macintosh was not fast enough F10" name=FF10.

An initial grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation helped propel us forward in the first 18 months, but this was exceptional.Being a composer, I refer to these processes as musical instruments and they are developed as part of my musical work.However, I have not been prominent in publishing this work in academic journals as I'm primarily a working artist.The software also ran on the Silicon Graphics machines at the University of York and elsewhere.More recently two different graphic interfaces have been developed to drive the software, my own contribution being the Sound Loom, written in TK/TCL so that it is potentially portable from one computer platform to another.

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