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The ruling has Watson's hands tied as it imposes strict limits on how he and his U. cohorts in Sea Shepherds can interact with Japanese whaling activities.

Animal Planet's Emmy(R)-nominated series, Whale Wars goes deep inside the Sea Shepherd organization to document this latest perilous campaign, "Operation Relentless".

As raging seas continue to pound the fragile craft, the frightened crew ...

See full summary » Stars: Chris Aultman, Laura Dakin, Laurens de Groot, Peter Hammarstedt Armed with new volunteers, the Sea Shepherds head out to sea to find the Japanese whaling ships.

Stars: Chris Aultman, Peter Brown, Alex Cornelissen, Chad Halstead After seven years of intense battles at sea, the Sea Shepherds believe they have finally driven the Japanese whaling fleet from the Southern Ocean. See full summary » Stars: Chris Aultman, Peter Brown, Alex Cornelissen, Chad Halstead The Sea Shepherds have finally found the most important ship in the Japanese whaling fleet, the Nisshin Maru factory ship.

Everything has led to this moment and despite warnings from the Japanese whalers, the Sea Shepherds strike.

After they pinpoint the fleet's location, the Captain raises the stakes and plans for ...

See full summary » Stars: Amber Paarman, Charles Hutchings, Peter Hammarstedt, Tod Emko "Eco-Pirate" tells the story of a man on a mission to save the planet and its oceans.

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