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Though most of what I know, was only and firstly used to her alone.

She had never eaten down there, that I had only seen in some porno movies.

I just had to share this to know if we wave the same case here in the Philippines.

As I said, we have no regrets of what happened and what is still happening between us.

In December that year, my relationship with my mom was now becoming uncomfortable. But by just looking at her, in every ways -makes my heart raced and always makes me hard.

We had our vows and commitment to each other that we will protect our lives from persecutors.

That night, she wore a never seen, black evening dress accentuated her slim body.

You can never tell that my mom is now 50 years old now.

I am sleeping in the middle of the night when I felt something is rubbing me with some wet and sticky thing down on me.

My shorts were down, and I had a full blown erection.

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