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She blushed and looked down, an embarrassed smile on her face. "Fuck yeah, keep fucking that pussy you fuck..." Josephine said, but then the next wave broke. I kept fucking her, and I felt her orgasm beneath me.

A few days later, I got a call from the advertising team at VS. I put my hands on her shoulders and fucked her as hard as I could.

Candice was demure and alluring, but Josephine had no filter. Fuck." I was sat straddling her stomach, my dick still hard as it shot a few final spurts of jizz onto her breasts. I was more disciplined taking Josephine's ass than I had been with her vagina. Josephine grunted with pleasure, and then moaned as I shot my hot seed deep into her. We were stranded on a little patch of high ground which was cut off from land. "Guess we'll just have to go for round three." "And four, and five, and twelve..." I said, dropping my trunks to free my quickly-hardening cock again.

She was annoyingly presumptuous and reminded me of preppy girls at school. There was a huge look of shock on Josephine's face. I doubted any guy had ever turned her down before, particularly with anal on the cards. She was still in the midst of an orgasm and her eyes rolled back in her head. I fucked her slow but hard, going balls-deep with every thrust. From my position, I couldn't do as much with her tits, but I reached around and squeezed them rhythmically. Exhausted from our marathon fuckfest, I pulled up my trunks and turned to walk back to the house. "It's not safe to swim for land." It would be hours before the tide went out.

She lent up against the wall of the dressing room and I gently rubbed the oil all down her back, giving her a sensuous massage, before reaching her butt.

I caressed her firm cheeks, rubbing the oil in, before slowly moving onto her tight asshole. While there was an animalistic quality to destroying an unlubed ass, as I'd done to Candice on the beach, it wasn't sustainable, and going in lubed up was actually less painful for both of us. Candice desperately urged me on as she panted for breath.

Visitors can stay in a hotel room, or splurge for a cottage like Baby’s family rented.

Rates start at 5 per night and go up to as much as 0.

I tried to leave the building discreetly, but did catch Lily Aldridge's eye on my way. She was under for six or seven seconds before the water receded. My arm soon got tired, so I switched to squeezing and pinching her juicy ass with its distinctive dimples. Sounds a bit steep, but breakfast, dinner, and activities are included in the price.Day visitors are welcome on the property for a .00 trail donation and lunch reservations are encouraged.Now let’s all get out there, travel, and have the time of our life….In the weeks after our initial hook-up on a beach in the Bahamas, Candice Swanepoel and I started having sex regularly.

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