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The resources for this will not impact the resources of either of those programs that have been called out.”Reid also said that in a text message conversation, Jenkins asked whether Reid would consider ending his protest of kneeling during the national anthem if the league approved the deal with the Players Coalition.“It was about moving forward in good faith,” Jenkins said.

“If the league were to take that first step for us, would we be able to move forward, knowing that this is something we would have to build on over time, and if they were comfortable with that.

Hired more than 20 years ago as a features writer, he has since covered the Eagles, Phillies, and Sixers beats as well as Big Five basketball, college football, golf, and the Olympics.Not so special: Rookie kicker Jake Elliott missed two extra points. Rookie defensive end Derek Barnett blocked a 27-yard field goal try by Robbie Gould, which ended Gould’s 91-for-91 run over his 13-year career.Get insights on the Eagles delivered straight to your inbox with Early Birds, beat writer Zach Berman’s newsletter for Eagles fans. Get insights on the Eagles delivered straight to your inbox with Early Birds, beat writer Zach Berman's newsletter for Eagles fans. Anquan Boldin, one of the members of the Players Coalition who finalized a deal with the NFL to secure millions of dollars pledged to social causes, delivered an impassioned rebuttal to criticism that the group's constituents had sold out.“First of all, I think the fact that people say players sold out is actually funny to me,” Boldin said Monday on a conference call with reporters. I don’t know how much more we can stress this point: Guys have actually been doing work, minus the NFL. My hope is that the media will stop feeding into that. Nobody has stepped up to the plate.“Instead of people celebrating and getting behind the work people are doing and the collaboration between the NFL and its players as opposed to trying to tear it down, is ridiculous.

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