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I knew what she would look like when she was 20, I knew what her bra size would be (I was thinking about girls after all), I knew everything down to the configuration of her DNA.

” That day, as I sat daydreaming in my classes, I found that I could concentrate on anybody and get this information. I’m sorry.” I didn’t have much else to say, so I left. Well that verified the feelings I had been getting.

I was stronger, had high endurance, and could cum over ten times in a row without wearing out. I couldn’t help but stare at her perfect legs as she dangled one over the arm of the chair and her long red hair fell over it. I went to the bathroom as a pretext and brushed by her, momentarily making contact with her bare arm.

I wouldn’t ever get another zit and I wouldn’t age past 20. As I did so, I reached into her and modified a few things.

This couch is just fine.” I said in a faux clam voice.

Theresa got up, walked across the room, and sat down next to me on the couch.

Her ovaries and eggs were also damaged; I took my time and rebuilt them. Suddenly she shrieked and started bouncing all over the bed. Lisa didn’t even flinch, she just threw her head back and moaned. When I got home, I told Mom that I had been helping a teacher after school. When I went into the living room, Theresa turned around and gave me a look, then turned back to her show.I realized that she was cumming so I continued to stroke her protruding clit as she thrashed about. ” She sat up and saw me sitting there hunched over. I kept sliding forward until I felt my cock hit her cervix. I could see that she was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t been home when she got home. Afterwards we watched TV for a while, then headed up to bed.After about five minutes I stopped and let her relax. She bit her lip, arched her back, and quivered to orgasm again. Grinning, I stepped back and sat down at her dressing table. If I wasn’t so embarrassed, I would whip it out and take care of things, but I just sat there and admired her. She must have been one of those women who have sensitive cervixes, because she suddenly went crazy! I had just undressed and climbed into bed when Theresa came into my room, completely naked.I finished my quick repair to the liver, and then slowly went over all her organs repairing them. Needless to say, I didn’t last long, pumping a large load directly into her womb.She had quite a bit of damage; I don’t think she knew how much. ”, then leaned forward and gave my hard cock a nice lick and kiss. She felt the warmth spread in her belly and shrieked, clenching me to her. I untangled myself, pulled out with a “plop”, and got dressed, greatly enjoying the view.

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Taking this as encouragement, I placed my hand over her perfect right tit and started squeezing.

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