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Of course, you never know what sites they might be using that you don't know about.

That's where monitoring and tracking apps and software come in handy. Just be sure to communicate with your kids about why certain sites are bad so they can grow into responsible digital citizens.

If they know you're watching, they're less likely to do something they shouldn't.

Plus, you can keep an eye to make sure they aren't revealing information they shouldn't or talking to people who aren't safe.

For her daily tips, free newsletters and more, visit her website at And to wrap things up, Facebook has patched things up with the Skype integration as well, so everything looks to be good. Oh, and don’t forget to check this rather funny comic on Facebook’s new chat window.But before that, please share with us your thoughts on Facebook’s latest evolution in the comments.And, as it usually happens with rushed things, it don’t end up much good.The decision in question involved bringing Facebook chat onto the screen. There wasn’t any option to close it or even minimize it.

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