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Because of the blend of religious traditions in the new world and the introduction of Catholicism she became associated with Saint Barbara. If I would restring this, I would use a quiet colour instead of these multicoloured ancient Roman or Islamic glass beads. She lives at the gate of the graveyard and looks over the dead.

Crystal bead #2 is 4 3/8 inches long though not carved exactly straight - 0. Crystal bead #3 is slightly over 4 inches long - 0. I don't know anything about the history of a piece like this, but fell in love with her and planned to fix the missing beads in a small spot on the front of her dress. This is most likely a Phoenician cast lost-was bronze pendant excavated in Jordan. The silver earrings are simply stamped "silver" without any signature. He had owned a similar piece that had been bought in the area where it was traditionally used. It is quite heavy as it is solid, and needs to slip over a wrist. This is a Frafra piece apparently symbolizing an animal. The python is a messenger between the spirits and the soothsayer. Neckace #1 is 27 inches long and has had a clasp added to it. There are some rich carnelians on the strand and a carnelian gusano in the front 1 1/8 inches long and 5/8 inch thick. These are becoming very rare so when I find them in an old collection I am always happy. The decorative bottoms (as you can see in the preview photo on the left) symbolize the horns of the bull Nandi or Nandin. I haven't found references to ones like this yet but am enchanted by it. White hearts and silver is one of my favourite combinations. I collected these milagros during visits to Mexican flea/antique markets. This one is empty so the new owner has to choose what it encloses. I rarely wear crosses but love the Ethiopian ones so strung a necklaces using the red whitehearts whish is typical for me.The hollow silver men are very delicate so if you would like to clean them you must be very gentle. There is a great collection of zoomorphic greenstone amulet beads from Mexico on this 16 inch necklace. The central bead is a 7-layer chevron, 3/4 inch long and 5/8 in diameter. This is an antique well over 100 years old, and I believe it came from Japan. In Candombl each person has their own individual spirit god or orisha.The necklace is 18 inches around and has a central bead pendant of 2 1/4 inches. The spacers are silver flying saucer beads from Ethiopia, the only beads that I could find that suited the creatures. This 16 inch long necklace is made out of silver beads from Afghanistan that were collected over time, all interesting and sitting closely together, but having a spiderweb look to them as well. The strand is just under 16 inches, and all threaded onto a leather cord, tied shut in the back. There is gorgeous metal work with fine images cast and etched into it with carved ivory decorations fastened onto it. During important ceremonies the other gods will disguise themselves or masquerade as Baba Egum and perform specific dances to become possessed of their ancestral spirit.

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