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It has been six months since a man has been in this house and it feels unusual.

Although Matt is 15, after seeing what is hidden in those shorts when he thought I wasn’t watching him watch me…it was almost enough to drool over, just the wicked thought of it.

I started rifling through her drawers (not her panties or anything like that, her jewelry drawers) and eventually hit a goldmine of information. My sister’s son, Matt, arrived today and I don’t know what to do.My aunt’s name is Sally and her husband, Frank, was in Europe designing airplanes or some other shit.It was a Sunday; Sally had gone to church while I remained at the house, sleeping.That night Sally came home and prepared a shrimp pasta dinner.She came downstairs after changing out of her work clothes, wearing a too tight T-shirt with Mickey Mouse printed on the front and a pair of tight jean shorts that highlighted her tight, firm ass.

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The two of us naked, his large cock staring at me, my mouth, moist, taking it in and slurping it as though it were a straw connected to some holy vessel and I, Sally Burke, the first woman to plunder only I could somehow enact this out. I’d let you slurp it, plunder it, and then I’d fuck you with it.

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