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I’ve always been into spirituality, but now its become such a big part of my life because its been what’s helped me balance out my life in the settings that make me who I am.From music, from the artist, to the person who grew up in Baltimore that never really dealt with issues that I had growing up, to the creative individual who can tap into himself confidently and can be confident about what I believe in instead of just being like, oh well, let me just be an artist on the label that they tell me what to do.So these are things that I’ve decided that I’m okay with sharing this, I’m okay with being this person.Taking time off allowed me to tap into that side of myself.In an enlightening sit-down with VIBE, the singer born Mario Barrett opens up about where’s he’s been, his new spirituality, his upcoming project and exactly what he learned in his 20s as he rounds his 30th year. You started out the gate with “Just A Friend” and it was such a nostalgic moment working with Biz Markie. Although the song was a remake, the way that I approached it, there was a lot of soul in there. Although I was turning into a machine when it came to doing those interviews, shows, etc. I was telling this story the other day about when I was going to record “Braid My Hair” in New York. I’m going to tell you the real story, originally it was just my song.

There’s no gossip to be found and the “Let Me Love You” singer is in the cut. Now, the crooner has officially returned to the scene with the new single “I Need More” under his label. It was very boy-next-door meets young, soulful kid. The people I was around, they were very adamant making sure that the first album was relatable and I didn’t loose that kid from Baltimore vibe. I was in Atlanta recording with Sean Garrett and originally…

While the friend zone usually isn’t a coveted space and getting braids isn’t usually a romantic revelation, Mario took it there for us with 2002’s “Just A Friend” and 2003’s “Braid My Hair.” He was responsible for creating adolescent anthems that kept us going and brought the Baltimore born R&B singer right into the seat next to us as we navigated those hormone-driven years.

Fast forward a bit and after acting in , the crooner seems to be on a hiatus. I made it through, but it ended up being a big song on the soundtrack.

Like what is this vibe, what is this energy, this is different. So how do you communicate that through the music, through your art, through your performances? I was listening to “I Need More” and that’s a new sound.

I could see these things coming across in the new song.

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