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Even though some neighborhood in my opinion needs a little bit more development; others are very family oriented quaint suburban areas.

We Also Have both public and private schools and places for afternoon activities for kids.

It's not a place where everyone knows each other, but it is a place where its easy to run into someone you know.

At first it seems like somewhere you could get used to.

For singles, Bridgeport has a budding night life and several hot spots to be social and enjoy poetry, food, or arts!

Waterbury is a very diverse community, not too big..although there is lots of construction going on, it still feels secure and safe.

New London tends to get a bad reputation as being an unsafe area, and while indeed it has it's undesirable areas, as all cities do, these such accusations are very overblown, and have little to no merit. Windsor maintains a clean, rustic atmosphere with plenty to do in the town center.

New London is a very diverse city, perhaps one of the most diverse areas in America, which perhaps helps contribute to the viewpoint that outsiders have of the city. You get plenty of interaction, with still having the feeling of "country" living- depending on where you live.

For the art lovers New Britain has the museum, or kids museum by the library, A lot of renovations have been occurring that have improved parks that are beneficial to the public, like children's water parks and newly renovated football field for public use.I've watched Stamford transform from a small mom and pop town into a City on the verge of becoming the next New York City!With the additions happening to Harbor Point and Connecticut ave, Stamford is growing into something amazing.A place where you wouldn't mind slipping into a comfortable routine but after living here for so long, I can't help but find it suffocating. This will always be home but you can only go to the aquarium or the movies so many times before you can't be bothered anymore. As a result a lot of teens get into drugs, however, if you occupy yourself with other things it is not hard to avoid this.As this town changes so will the people and from what I have seen, it's definitely for the best. I lived in Danbury all my life and it is such a lively place, there is always something going on.

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