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Timing can be an issue, with certain genres suffering worse than others as it struggles to communicate momentum.

Hi-res tracks are supported, but they fall victim to the same treatment.

MORE: Huawei P10 review Like its predecessor, the One Plus 5 is a spirited performer in terms of audio ability, if a little too energetic at times.

It’s decent enough, but whether we were streaming a Spotify playlist or playing our test tracks directly from the phone’s storage, it didn’t take long to discover a lack of fine detail.

That means the One Plus 5 packs in the same 5.5in AMOLED display as last year, complete with the same 1080p resolution.

MORE: High-resolution audio - everything you need to know One Plus’s decision to pair up with imaging experts Dx O has really paid off: the One Plus 5 is a fantastic smartphone snapper.

The fingerprint scanner is super-quick too, skipping past the lock screen faster than the i Phone 7.

MORE: One Plus 3T review Style upgrades aside, though, our misgivings about the One Plus 3T haven’t been remedied here.

It’s also because of the new dual-sensor setup on the rear.

The 16MP primary sensor is paired with a secondary 20MP one, which combine together to give detail a boost.

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