Soon too soon start dating after divorce

Meanwhile, I continued to seek out permission from a wider circle of friends and family.

I ran the idea of dating by my then-15-year-old daughter. Then came a reprieve a few days later: “You can date, but I don’t want to wake up and discover someone in your bed.” During lunch with a friend, I mentioned that I was thinking about dating.

They went to Miami right after that and he was sending her flowers during the Real Housewives of New York cast trip to Mexico.

Since Tinsley could not bring men back to Sonja Morgan’s townhouse, she moved into a hotel, and she revealed that she would be moving in with Scott “in the fall” during the RHONY reunion.

There are just so many questions, the most important one of all being: Will Tinsley be back on Real Housewives of New York for another season?

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At the time I didn’t articulate it to myself that way. Now I understand how the need for “permission” is keen when we are considering a move that feels unfamiliar or uncharacteristic. “I think it’s great that you’re trying to jumpstart your life,” he responded.

There’s no word on whether or not that actually happened, but if it hasn’t, it’s not going to now.

(an honorary RHONY cast member at this point), Tinsley and Scott have broken up.

She relayed my words to a mutual friend, who shot me an e-mail: “Is it true you are ready to date?? “Sitting home breeds dismal thoughts.” Though my words suggested confidence, the exchange heightened my hesitation. Though they couldn’t have known it, and I didn’t realize it until years later, their generous, spontaneous response finally gave me the permission I needed.

Those double-barreled question marks reinforced my concern that I might unwittingly inflict pain on friends and family. That New Year’s Day, I sat down and crafted a proper profile, photo and all.

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Tinsley seemed to be all about this relationship, so did think it was too much too soon or did Scott?

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