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Easy to use: The newly designed, central terminal board by Carrier puts all your connections and troubleshooting points in one convenient place, standard.Most low voltage connections are made to the same board and make it easy to find what you’re looking for and easy to access it.And once you master these, be sure to check out the 10 tricks smart men swear by to master the road.Most drivers don’t realize that they are more likely to get snared by speed traps on a busy commercial street than on a freeway.Carrier rooftops have high and low pressure switches, a filter drier, and 2-in (51mm) filters standard. Which means, of course, that men everywhere are invariably going to do it.

Easy to install: All Weather Master® units are field-convertible to horizontal air flow, which makes it easy to adjust to unexpected job-site complications. Most of Carrier’s 3-12.5 ton 48HC rooftops fit on existing Carrier curbs dating back to 1989.

Simply remove the black, composite plug, route your gauge line(s) through the hole, and connect them to the refrigeration service valve(s).

Now, you can take refrigeration system pressure readings without affecting the condenser airflow.

Rooftop HC = High Efficiency D = Low Gas Heat D = 2 stage Cooling12 = 10 ton (11.5 EER)A = None2 = Medium Static Option - Belt Drive A = Al/Cu - Al/Cu5 = 208/230-3-600 = Electromechanical Controls.

Can be used with W7212 Econo Mi$er IV (Non-Fault Detection and Diagnostic)A = None0 = None A = None0 = Standard The Carrier rooftop unit (RTU) was designed by customers for customers.

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