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Please scroll down on this extensive page to hopefully find just what you’re looking for. Depending on the “level of speech”, different sets of personal pronouns are being used in Thai.

The ones listed here are the most commonly used ones and recommended for foreign speakers.

He spends all his money on limited-edition Adidas and occasionally eats at expensive cafes so he can Instagram them using a fade filter.

When you occasionally go out to dinner with him, he will spend 20 minutes snapping a hundred photos of food just to post one on Instagram, and you end up eating a cold dinner — that you had to pay for.

That’s his version of 7-Eleven, another place he won’t go.

I took this picture at Wat Chedi Luang, but the monk chats take place in other temples these days.Here’s a test to find out if your guy is really fresh meat, or nearing his expiration date: Ask him for his LINE ID. ” Congratulations, you’ve got yourself some really fresh meat.Act now to enjoy the freshness because, in six months, he’ll be sleeping with 10 Thai girls while he chats up another 20 on the LINE account that you set up for him.His Thai will still suck but he’ll be fluent in emoji. The Princess (aka the billionaire’s son) If you have an Ikea shelf to put together and hint gently that you’d love some help, the princess is so clueless that, not only could he never perform such a task, he doesn’t even understand what you mean.He’ll cry, “What do you mean, you’re building your own shelves?!

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,” are a national pastime, the process of finding “the one” might have you playing the field and coming across some of these guys.

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