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Like Bharat Matrimony has a separate section called “Elite Matrimony” just for the affluent class or in our words filthy rich people to find their best match online.And another specific portal called “Assisted Matrimony” which is like personalized match making services.This is why it was so well suited to the most exuberant numerical or arithmetical-cosmogonic speculations of Indian culture.""The Indian people were the only civilization to take the decisive step towards the perfection of numerical notation.We owe the discovery of modern numeration and the elaboration of the very foundations of written calculations to India alone."It is clear how much we owe to this brilliant civilization, and not only in the field of arithmetic; by opening the way to the generalization of the concept of the number, the Indian scholars enabled the rapid development of mathematics and exact sciences.Indian Matrimonial Sites, help us in making one of the most important decisions in our lives, “who to marry ?” Many of my friends here in India are looking to get married or just got married, I just thought I would check out some of the most visited or reliable Indian Matrimonial Sites being used.

it’s easier to just go through the list of the best match found by just clicking a few buttons and answering a few questions.

A thousand years ahead of Europeans, Indian savants knew that the zero and infinity were mutually inverse notions."The real inventors of [the numeral system], which is no less important than such feats as the mastery of fire, the development of agriculture, or the invention of the wheel, writing or the steam engine, were the true birthplace of our numerals, Ifrah salutes the Indian researchers saying that the "..inventors of this fundamental discovery, which is no less important than such feats as the mastery of fire, the development of agriculture, or the invention of the wheel, writing or the steam engine, were the mathematicians and astronomers of the Indian civilization: scholars who, unlike the Greeks, were concerned with practical applications and who were motivated by a kind of passion for both numbers and numerical calculations.""It was only after the eighth century BC, and doubtless due to the influence of the Indian Buddhist missionaries, that Chinese mathematicians introduced the use of zero in the form of a little circle or dot (signs that originated in India),...".

The early passion which Indian civilization had for high numbers was a significant factor contributing to the discovery of the place-value system, and not only offered the Indians the incentive to go beyond the "calculable" physical world, but also led to an understanding (much earlier than in our civilization) of the notion of mathematical infinity itself.

How the mathematics given in these Indian ancient texts subsequently diffused into The English-speaking world has known for over one and a half centuries that Taylor series expansions for sine, cosine and arctangent functions were found in Indian mathematics / astronomy / timekeeping (jyotisa) texts, and specifically in the works of Madhava, Neelkantha, Jyeshtadeva, etc.

and provided the West with the key to the most far reaching of all the mechanical instrument on which its control of nature has been built, when it presented to Europe through the medium of Arabia the device of the cypher (and the decimal notation) upon which all modern system of numeration depend.

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