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Most gals grow into a full A-cup or small B-cup from HRT - which creates an ideal basis to install breast implants.You will notice reduced physical strength from a combination of estrogen-based products and t-blockers within about a year.Most every new gal literally relishes the incredible new feelings that occur from HRT. Unfortunately, it also tends to make us a bit incorrigible as we accentuate our experience – aka - the placebo effect.All of this can have a horrible impact on our co-workers or loved ones.The most noticeable will happen from hand strength when you grip something tightly. This reduction doesn’t become complete until years following GRS or an orchie.T-blockers just don’t product the same results as removing “the source”.Annie Richards information details studies regarding anticipated changes to the male body from HRT The trickiest part with this path is the inherent dangers you face with blood clotting and related side effects from HRT - particular if you are a smoker.I’ve witnessed more than one transgender girl fall ill from this path from heart attack, stroke, and cancer. I disclaim any responsibility for extracts that have appeared elsewhere that might imply that it does.

You should thus be very sure before you start down this path in earnest.

If you’ve not been in touch with your emotions “as a man” - you can expect to get a dose of that reality on a trans HRT regimen.

Outbursts of anguish, crying and depression are often common.

It includes regular meetings with a certified counselor who determines via an established criteria if you are indeed a good candidate to start HRT and gear to transition your gender.

THere’s a valid reason for this roadblock: transition isn’t about fantasy fulfillment.

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I doubt anything is less understood by beginning transgender females than HRT. It also mildly “softens” your face & skin tone from a more ruddy male presentation - but not in a monumental way.

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