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A wife’s sexuality is a quite questionable criterion.And it’s more important during the first years of marriage.But it’s a demonstration of a man’s hypocrisy – ask a man if he is ready to live with a young and beautiful woman or with a poor and ugly one. And when you’ll be talking of an ugly one, his eyes will stop glowing and he’ll smile.A beautiful Russian wife is a prize like an expensive Limousine. On the second place, to the opinion of men, there is an INTELLECT.This style is far from nu, but it lets emphasize beauty of a woman’s body.Ukrainian girls who are well-known for their nice forms often make photos that emphasize their advantages – long beautiful legs, magnificent breasts and pretty asses. Surely, BEAUTY is on the first place from the point of view of men.And, naturally, every second man says that ‘packing’ isn’t important, but the essence, the thing that’s inside – the soul is important. If you are going to go on describing a young one, his eyes will glow.

And further from the point of view of men is a position from the fourth to the eighths, that’s why all the criteria argue between themselves and can’t solely occupy the upper position: sexuality, calmness, absence of envy, a sense of style.It is better if it is clothing of various styles: business-like, evening and casual one.If there is a possibility to make a photo session on a beach and a woman has an attractive figure one can (and it’s even good! Photos with elements of romantic erotic look very showy.But in modern world there is no time for searching the true love. There are, however, a small percentage of families that have managed to live not just a long life together, but at the same time feel grateful, happy and become real friends in the end.That’s why a lot of people try to find their future partner with help of different dating websites and marriage agencies. In such families reigns very warm, friendly atmosphere.

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