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This defeatism attitude creates a culture of being resigned to weaker security because employees let the lack of knowledge dictate their default decisions.Cloud solutions are not so different from typical solutions that security has to be automatically ignored.I provide training to employees on cloud storage and also evaluate solutions that Fortune 1000 companies have rolled out.I have seen many good, and bad ways to go about this. Depending on the system, a link to the cloud storage or file sharing service can be accessed without a user name and password.

Companies need to find secure alternatives for their employees to share documents that they can deploy at the enterprise level.Security is part of every solution, and explaining to employees how the technology works and where the security sits within the model is important.Without losing the fear that cloud is a nebulous and abstract concept, security will continue to be an afterthought for employees. Scaring employees with tales of what went wrong is one way to get the conversation going, but can also backfire if the story is not followed with clear, easy to follow guidance.Many companies use recent breaches as a reason why security should be improved, but fail to bring a vision that helps employees make sense of the risk.A wider vision that fits with the company's strategy needs to work in unison with all information disseminated around cloud storage and file sharing.2b.

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