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The software allows the user to connect to the internet, search the net for the appropriate software driver for their make and model of Ethernet card, download it, then disconnect from the internet (if needed) in order to install the software driver.If more than one PC of the same make and model has been purchased, then the same software driver can be used on each machine within the same department or company if they each use the same Ethernet network card make and model too.Run the software and it will detect your Ethernet card; as previously mentioned, info on the card will be displayed on the interface.Click the Ethernet card on 3DP Net’s interface and a wizard will show up; the wizard will help you install the driver for your Ethernet card. 3DP Net detects your Ethernet driver and installs the most suitable driver for it.The drivers it loads into your system are sometimes generic, which means if you want to get the most out of your NIC you’ll still want to go find the full version and get it installed at some point.

The steps you must go through to get 3DP Net up and running on your PC are presented in the Quick Look video that accompanies this article.It’s a free, useful tool that everyone should keep on hand, just in case.Everyone collects utilities, and most folks have a list of a few that they feel are indispensable. Each has a distinct purpose, and I probably touch each at least a few times a week.I very likely made mistakes, and probably forgot a few utilities that I use often.New Entries to the 2014 Ultimate Tools are in NOTE: Please don't reproduce this in its entirety, I'd rather you link to

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