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Password Wallet is also available for Palm Classic, web OS and Windows Mobile Classic "I feel very secure using Password Wallet.

No keys have to be sent over the internet.""Absolutely!

You were especially helpful in recovering my data after I bought a new i Pod, and the Apple Store told me that everything would sync, but it didn't (only the app itself, no data). We have to remember so many different passwords now that I don't know how anyone can maintain any sense of security without many different passwords. ""It is the most effective, easiest way for me to store my passwords. I was holding off buying any other password program for the i Phone after reading that a version was coming out. ""Yes, I tried the combination of Password Wallet plus the App for the i Phone and it is working great together, changes on both sides where sync perfectly. I am looking forward for future updates.""The interface looks SIMPLE and that is a plus.

I am now buying PW for my Mac to allow me to sync and backup that way. I always had trouble remembering my user name and passwords and Password Wallet completley fixed all of my problems. Many password apps allow you to catalogue everything including the kitchen sink! Initially simple, yet with a deeper feature set that does not bog down entry and use of the features one chooses to implement.

We've got a much healthier browser ecosystem these days.

This can be done by any admin user on the website or from your phone (in the case of Networks, those must be created from the Android/Windows Phone app).I lived in a disorganized mess of coded notes (and often couldn't remember the codes) before I found Password Wallet. I remember when you had to update your browser manually -- check your current version number, then check the browser site to see what was current, then download an file.Second, enable the Geofence, Beacon, or Network within the Simple In/Out app.Each user will need to do this on their respective device by navigating to Settings. We allow admins to use our website to remove or add new status updates.

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