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De geile dames vinden het zo te zien heerlijk geil. Uit: Sex en porno - Extreem - BDSM, fetish, anaal en fistfuck Zelf heeft ze wel al vaker over anderen heen geplast, maar vandaag krijgt ze die ervaring van een Golden Shower zelf.Eerst maakt ze haar in panty gehulde lijf nat met haar eigen plas.Filmpje: Geile babes plassen in deze pis compilatie Dit is een filmpje voor de liefhebbers van plassex.De lekkerste babes laten het gouden vocht uit hun kutjes stromen. But some people can’t get aroused without their particular kink, which can lead to relationship conflict and dating problems.By normalizing kinks that aren’t intrusive to others, people with fetishes should be supported, not shamed.” Sex therapist Chuck Franks, LCSW, CST, agrees with Wasserman.Seemingly arbitrarily deciding what is nice sex and what is not nice sex, the board's ruling on 'content that is not acceptable' (p.24) effectively bans the following acts from being depicted by British pornography producers: While the measures won't stop people from watching whatever genre of porn they desire, as video shot abroad can still be viewed, they do impose severe restrictions on content created in the UK, and appear to make no distinction between consensual and non-consensual practices between adults.

If the sub doesn’t cooperate, they might be ‘punished' by the dom with a spanking, withholding affection, or some other form of reward or punishment."Also known as "watersports" or "golden showers," urophilia is when people are turned on by—you guessed it—pee.

“So a better definition of fetish might actually be an individual’s ability to intentionally focus on one item that excites them in the midst of an overactive sexual inhibition constellation.” In other words, putting your attention on shoes, pet costumes, or any other thing that turns you on and gets you off is actually a great tool—assuming it’s not hurting you or anyone else.

Regardless of what underlying psychological factors or conscious motivations might be at play, the fact remains that fetishes are fascinating.

The pleasure can be a result of the physical sensations or an emotional association with urine, such as intimacy, closeness, and trust.

Within urophilia, there are subcategories of fetishes, per the University of California, Santa Barbara's sex-ed database.

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Gross-sounding to some, maybe, but remember that pee is sterile!

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