Validating a dropdownlist in javascript

The Web Sockets protocol is supported by any client (not just browsers), with Microsoft investing substantial resources supporting Web Sockets protocol on both client and mobile operating systems.

Web Sockets protocol makes it much easier to create long-running data transfers between a client and a server.

NET: keyword and asynchronous task-based operations is a natural fit for writing Web Sockets applications.

In order to support rendering different markup for a bundle when in debug vs.

NET calls your delegate and the Web Sockets application starts running.

The following code example shows a simple echo application that uses the built-in Web Sockets support in ASP.

Now suppose that you want to use this asynchronous method in an asynchronous ASP. NET performs request validation — it examines requests to look for markup or script in fields, headers, cookies, and so on. Developers have frequently asked for the ability to selectively turn off request validation for their applications.

For example, if your application is forum software, you might want to allow users to submit HTML-formatted forum posts and comments, but still make sure that request validation is checking everything else. NET 4.5 introduces two features that make it easy for you to selectively work with unvalidated input: deferred ("lazy") request validation and access to unvalidated request data. NET 4.5, by default all request data is subject to request validation.

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