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The company was great, the wait staff awesome, but the food was just average.Friday, June 22 I used up the last of the Victrola coffee for my morning cup and got on the computer.Day drinking isn’t really my thing but when it’s in the name of recipe development, I don’t hesitate. Later that afternoon, a shipment of Madre Chocolate’s latest bars arrived on my doorstep and, of course, I to taste test it to make sure they survived the trip from Hawaii.These guys are artisanal chocolate makers who are making bean-to-bar chocolate with local Hawaiian cacao.Though the Cooking Channel host likes to consider herself an overall citizen of California, she’s happy to be living in Hancock Park after working in San Francisco for several years.

For the past two years, The Food Network host been dedicated to busting out her first cookbook, , an over 400-page tome set to come out in September.

They send me their odd and ends leftover bars from their experiments.

Planning this cookbook launch is a huge undertaking and, after a hours of meetings, I got back home.

I get a hang up with certain ingredients and use them nonstop - currently sumac is it.

For dinner, I did a first test for a maltagliati pasta with leeks, zuchhini, toasted corn, and ricotta salata.

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