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It made every week start off with a warm feeling in my heart.

I came to love everyone on the show as though I know them in real life.

Project 143 is UK’s first award-winning, elite matchmaking agency for Asian professionals. We meet all potential members before they join our membership. Aneeka Patel is the founder of Project 143, our chief matchmaker and Asian dating expert.

Bringing together expert advice and eligible singles, we create authentic and meaningful dating experiences. We understand client requirements and tailor our service to those needs. If you want to meet professional, progressive, interesting, intelligent and genuine singles without the algorithms and game playing then Everyone has the right to choose love. She decided to leave her career in law and dedicate herself to providing elite matchmaking services to Asian professionals. The rise of apps and online dating sites was becoming a modern day threat to authentic and meaningful dating, and she had to do something about it.

Wealthy plastic surgeon Gong Ki Tae is a successful and happy bachelor who does not want to find himself a wife.

She’s blessed with an eye for detail, a curious nature and a positive energy making her a perfect match for Project 143.Park Jun-Keum is a scene stealer and cracked me up as the mother. Although there were the standard annoying characters - especially the mothers who thought they knew best and tried to impose their will on everyone and the annoying villain - the actors were wonderful (with the exception of the two foreigners, who must have been cast because of their appearance but not because of any acting skills. Anyway, I will miss this show, which I binge-watched over the course of a week.Why would they cast someone with a Scandinavian accent and a Scandinavian physiognomy to play the Italian ambassador?!! The ending, in particular, was very well done, I thought. I watched it faithfully for all 27 weeks all the way to the end.Over the past ten years he has helped thousands of men and women to find love and happiness around the world”.Hey Saturday is the UK’s first and coolest dating and matchmaking photography business, that’s won praise from the likes of TIME magazine.

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