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" It was a funny moment, but I sure can't recall the specifics. First Off, anyone who feels Metallica "Sold Out" With the Black Album which is made up of some of the greatest Metallica songs of All time is dead wrong.

The only major difference between the Black Album and the first four is the Sound Quality. Although I love all of Metallica's material, the first four albums sound like they could have been recorded in their neighbor's garage.

James once commented on the idea behind the lyrics of this song, "A child's bedroom is supposed to be a place of safety and peace. Master of Puppets, One, Blackened, For whom the Bell Tolls, Four Horsemen, Sanitarium, Ride the Lightning... Those are heavy metal classics, and honestly, some of the most underappreciated songs in music history.

So to have that place of safety invaded by nightmares and things that go bump in the night...that's like..corruption of the innocent y'know? Enter Sandman got them on the 'map', but it's far from their best work, which is saying something. I don't think that Metallica sold out by any means.

The people who thought that they sold out are just upset that more and more people from every walk of life are listening to their "little" band.

WOW WOW WOW Its a total sacrilege to read that any one person has either the courage, or total lack of sense or taste to express in any form that "Enter Sandman" is Metallica's best anything... would have been a part of the band by the years 1990 -1991 when the Black album was produced / processed, unless he fell victim to a heroin habit or something which would have forced him to stay with them and sell his soul like the rest did to the likes of MTV, Bob Rock, etc. Anyways I couldn't believe they had come up with a track which featured such stupid lyrics.

The riffs beats, lyrical content, and every key component of this song make it a true work of musical Art.

Like many of you, this is my favorite Metallica song of all time and my favorite song to play on the drums.

Ask any baseball Analyst and they'll tell you Rivera could be the greatest closer of all time.

Anyway back to One of The Greatest SONGS of all time.

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