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How It Passes: While the flick centres on her husband, Llewelyn, on her way to the bus station, Carla Jean (Kelly Macdonald) asks her mother Agnes (Beth Grant) if shes packed sufficient medication.Best Female Character: Carla Jean, without a doubt.Best Female Character: The fearless Ofelia, whose endless imagination gifts her with an extraordinary life, which she surrenders for that of her baby brother.How It Passes: Sweet pre-teen Olive (Abigail Breslin) finally arrives at the beauty pageant shes rallied to compete in, and meets the trim Miss California (Lauren Shiohama.) During their exchange she poses the all-important question: do you eat ice cream? A happy-go-lucky kid, blissfully free of the trappings of self-doubt which plague her family.Best Female Character: The mysterious-and-humourous Margot, adopted daughter of the Tenenbaum clan, keeps secrets and herself to herself.How It Passes: Holly Mc Clane (Bonnie Bedelia) jovially ruffles her secretary, Ginny (Dustyn Taylor) about the possibility of having a drink at the party.According to Bechdel, the method for measuring female visibility in a film involves conforming to the following three scruples: there have to be two named women; whom engage in a conversation; which is about something other than a man.

Its amazing how few films pass, and generally, the lower budget a film has, the more likely it is to pass., The Bechdel Test proposes an assessment of how women are represented in film.

Films can be a bit blokey, with women mainly used as set dressing or accessories for the male leads.

If you want to know how little a film values its female characters you can subject it the Bechdel test (which can actually be applied to all forms of fiction): does the film feature at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man?

Best Female Character: The gutsy wife of John Mc Clane (Bruce Willis), Holly busts out of a role that couldve easily been reduced to whimpering and histrionics.

She keeps her wits about her and gives Gruber plenty of grief.

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Best Female Character: The tough-as-nails Maggie, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks whos constantly knocked back by lifes detractors yet never stops believing in herself.

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