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We dressed to the nines and after a candlelit dinner we shoved the table against the wall and danced the night away!Well, at least as far away as the kids' bedtime.We eat by candle-light and enjoy a rom-com afterward, if we're not ready for bed yet. I cut in, he uses the roller–lots of reaching around one another, trying not actually to touch, since we're holding wet brushes.

Nothing fancy- just sharing our hopes, dreams, and things we hope to accomplish one day.But while that may be regrettable (depending upon the couple and their preferences), it need not spell the end of romance. With a little creativity, stay-at-home date nights can be just as fun–if not more so–than your average night on the town.Here are a few budget-friendly ideas to get your creative juices flowing… Honestly, my favorite is so simple I don't even know if it counts!Seven children later, and twenty years, we are still having our weekly (at least! As an aside, when we started this our children were little, and we were broke. Oh, sure the token complaining takes place, but they always leave us alone. They love to see us romancing almost as much as we do.) comment from kids: all you guys ever do is have date nights! Many of them are no longer little, and we are no longer broke. Its what they want to take into their own marriages.

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