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Now: Keibler is one of several wrestlers to find Hollywood success, appearing on the second season of “Dancing with the Stars,” various sitcoms and even dating actor George Clooney for two years.Keibler married businessman Jared Pobre in 2014 and gave birth to their daughter, Ava, later that year.She currently promotes a fitness lifestyle brand through her social media platforms. Stephanie Mc Mahon Then: During the early part of the 2000s, Mc Mahon was written as nothing more than a one-note character of being the boss' daughter.Because of her prominent real-life role, she was always the target for insults and objectification from her on-screen counterparts who wanted to tweak the family.The two WWE Hall of Famers have recently wrapped up a U. Victoria, real name Lisa Varon, held the women's title twice in her nine-year WWE career.

Since her reputation took a hit following her departure from WWE, she is now working to restore her place in wrestling history.

Now: Following her 2009 departure from the WWE, Victoria has owned two different restaurants and started a custom car shop in Kentucky that caught fire in 2010.

She appeared with fellow TNA superstars in an episode of "Family Feud" in 2010, as well as an episode of MTV's "Made" in 2012. Stacy Keibler Then: Remembered by WWE fans for her suggestive ring entrances, the long legged former NFL cheerleader Stacy Keibler became one of the biggest WWE divas in history, competing against many of the most well-known female wrestlers.

Now: Stratus, real name Patricia Stratigias, retired from the ring in 2006 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

The 39-year-old wife and mother has appeared on television and most recently in the movie "Gridlocked." She operates her own yoga studio, "Stratusphere," in Canada and promotes her line of fitness products on her website. Lita Then: Lita — remembered for her crimson hair and tomboy style — joined WWE in 2000 and was one third of wrestling stable Team Xtreme, with Matt (whom she dated in real life) and Jeff Hardy.

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